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tv   News Ch8 Today at 530AM  NBC  January 20, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+ video camera on the spot. good morning. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo. just 12 days before the iowa caucuses.
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runner donald trump is getting a key endorsement. sarah palin is endorsing trump calling him an honored man. however, this morning, the timing of the endorsement is raising some questions. palin's oldest son track paillon was arrested and accused of punching his girlfriend in the face. investigators are trying to determine what started a fire near valley forge. and the woman living in the home may be alive and okay thanks to her cat. neighbors tell us she was asleep when the fire started and it was her cat who woke her up. downtown tampa. out there. far. and a freeze warning is in place for parts of the area. meteorologist span -- parts of the area. meteorologist leigh spann has a right now. >> generally areas north of i- 4, that's where i'm seeing a lot of freezing temperatures.
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hernando and in pasco county away if the immediate coastline. but the freeze warning goes until 9:00 this morning. you could spend multiple hours below freezing. the reason i'm not as concerned about the freezing temperatures south of i-4. , see this thin layer of clouds? that's helping the to insulate you. you're in the low 40s in places like bartow, sarasota. but let's go north of i-4, that's where you're below freezing. you could have to scrape the windshield this morning, 30 in crystal river. 30 in brooksville. the good news, today we see temperatures warming up quickly to a pleasant 64. in weather and traffic on the 8s, i will have an eight-day temperature trend that goes up and down. you will want the stay tuned. >> yeah, i bet. i'm not looking forward to the cold weather. i have to say -- >> it's warm in studio which is nice. >> it is nice. very, very different situation. that's messed up. that's a whole other thing. let's look at traffic which is not messed up. we had an accident and debris
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eastbound i-4 right at park road. let's hop over to the veterans expressway. southbound right at hillsborough avenue, you may see some more debris on the roadway there but as you can see, no color changes in the data and traffic is actually area. campbell causeway. the accident trying to wrap up. it's never been a factor as far as slowing you down, but at sheldon road, off to the shoulder and no injuries. >> thank you. right now, we are experiencing the coldest morning in the bay area so far this year. people are bundling up as they head to work and school and you probably should too. news channel 8's ryan hughes joins us live from tampa international airport. this is a little bizarre because people usually come to our area to escape the cold. but instead, they'll be dealing with it all day. >> reporter: exactly, gene. the it's expected to be very cold today and that's why some people are leaving the area for warmer climates this morning. around here though, we're dealing with some of the
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seen in a while. freeze warnings are in effect again this morning for parts of the bay area. and this video, you can see people bundled up in downtown tampa. we have showed you video like this for the past several mornings. now temperatures are expected to dip into the 40s and perhaps below but this morning is now the coldest we have seen this winter. again, you just heard from meteorologist leigh spann, our local counties under a freeze warning right now are pasco, hernando and citrus county. sumpter county is also included. some communities are slightly above freezing and others are pretty darn close to it this morning. so of course pull out the hats and gloves. one woman is in a very warm coat at the count they are morning. perhaps the boots as well -- the counter this morning. perhaps the boots as well. so bundle up if you are headed out doors. >> i was just happy i got the
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>> reporter: fancy. >> well, you got to be. developing this morning, a murder investigation in detectives found a young woman killer. news channel 8's adrienne pedersen is live at the manatee morning. and what's the latest? >> reporter: good morning, gayle. i checked with a deputy here and he tells me that so far no arrests in this case. we are working to find out though if they have any leads. updated on that. i did find this young woman's facebook page. let's pull up 23-year-old jordan finland's picture. you can see here on the screen. her friends are writing rip messages to her this morning. and scrolling through, it looks like she was down on her luck. and at one point writing she had no place to sleep at night and really needed help. detectives found her body off bishop harbor road in the palmetto area. deputies don't believe she had been there very long before
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most likely knew her killer. so of course, i will let you know as soon as we get anymore information on arrests or leads. and we are also trying to find out if this was related at all to another murder that happened nearby in a close time frame. so i will let you know as soon as we get any kind of updates and really, if there there's anybody that people need to look out for. >> thank you so much. clearwater police need your help to find a missing elderly man on this cold morning. take a look at this picture. this is 82-year-old bob taylor. he was last seen yesterday at about 3:00 p.m. at the regency oaks residences. taylor suffers from park kin sons and early -- parkinson's and early dementia. police are especially concerned because of the cold weather. and they believe he may not be wearing shoes. if you recognize him, call
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and caught on camera, clearwater police need your help to find this man you see on the screen. they tell us he walked into the catholic church in clearwater, opened the donation box and took off with $50. this is. a horrific bus crash in california is under investigation this morning and it could be linked to driver fatigue. this bus flipped on its way from los angeles to oakland two. women were killed and nine others were injured. investigators believe the vehicle crashed into safety barrels along the median of the highway before flipping to the side. officials with the california highway patrol report the bus driver admitted he was fatigued at the time of the crash but it's unknown if he fell asleep. two firefighters are hurt after battling a huge apartment fire in center city, philadelphia. the four-alarm fire started in the basement and quickly spread to the roof of the building.
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dealt with dangerous cold temperatures and strong winds. 22 units in the building were occupied. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. 70 people are hurt following the collision of two light rail trains in italy. most of the injured are students who were on their way to school. at this hour, it's still unclear why the two trains were going in opposite directions on the same track. investigators believe human error is to blame. it's 5:38. we need to bundle up this morning before we head out the door. >> certainly so. in fact, this will be the coldest morning we have seen so far this season. in fact, i just looked back through the records and last time most of us were in the 30s was back at the end of february last year. so it's been quite some time. but you know what, we actually warm up quickly. check out this hour-by-hour forecast. most of us in the upper 30s when the sun rises. up to 46 by 10:00 a.m.
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cool but not as cold as yesterday at lunchtime. and then to 64 degrees at 3:00 p.m. so that quick rise in temperatures making it comfortable and not as chilly during the evening hours. now we're keeping the forecast dry today and tomorrow. rain chance on friday though is 50%. that's with a strong cold front. and look at the up and down temperature trend, cool today, warm thursday and friday and actually cold for saturday and sunday. the 50s. and then we warm back up into the 70s for tuesday. so it's a roller coaster ride for sure. let's check on traffic on the 8s which hopefully is a lot calmer. >> it is. occasionally it will come out but overall, it's good. and we have a nice drive. a little bit of an issue out here but nothing that's going to slow you down. an earlier crash here that left debris on the roadway, eastbound i-4 around park road. and a little bit of debris southbound on the veterans expressway. reportedly right around hillsborough avenue. again, no delays but i want you to be aware of that.
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up hillsborough avenue at sheldon road. and just also want to let you know about an issue in sarasota involving railroad repair work. and i'll have more coming up in the next report. and now back to gene and gayle. >> okay, thank you. a travel warning this morning for pregnant woman. >> ahead, an update on the zika virus and how health officials believe a woman right here in hillsborough county caught it. plus, disney is recalling the designs being recalled and how you can get a refund. plus, new revelations about the food portions in many chain
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one of the three people in florida infected with the zika virus lives right here in hillsborough county. >> and now the health department is trying to prevent a local epidemic. news channel 8's lindsey mastis is joining us now. it can cause birth defects. >> reporter: gene, that's right. this story is getting a lot of attention on social media right now. even the centers for disease control got on facebook to let people know about a new travel notice especially for pregnant women. the cdc is urging pregnant women to postpone their travel to 14 country askser to -- the countries in central america, south america. the zika virus is spread through mosquito bites and can cause birth defects in. hillsborough county, mosquito control sprayed around the neighbor's home. neighbors are asked to dump standing water and wear
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victims can be given medication its course. it can cause babies to be born with smaller heads because their brains don't develop properly. and we have much more our website, gene -- >> thank you. you can follow our morning alerts every day on facebook and twitter. the #8alert. parents listen up, we have recall. disney is recalling about 10,000 infant body suits better known as onesies due to a choking hazard. the recall involves the two styles you see here on the screen. the disney land 60th and the darth vader. the snaps can detach and pose a choking hazard to young children. so thinking about a trip to new york city? you may want to make
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land hotel in new york -- at the netharland hotel. it's a boutique hotel from the 1920s. and second on the list is in california followed by the nantucket hotel and resort in nantucket, massachusetts. it's 5:45. today in florida, we have learned there are no plans to drop the lawsuit on the florida tax credit scholarship program. that's the word from the florida association president. we brought you this story yesterday morning about the parents, teachers and students joining in on the rally in tally. they visited the state capitol yesterday to fight to save that program. it provides scholarships to more than 70,000, mostly low- income and minority private school students. the former florida home of cocaine king pablo escobar is demolished.
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know the home's history when he paid $9.65 million for the mansion. when he discovered the past, he hired professional treasure hunters for a detailed sweep of the property and his wife had a catholic priest bless the home just in case. doctors are learning more about the procedure that can save the life of twins. twin to twin transfusion syndrome must be found quickly or it can kill the twins. one woman experienced the syndrome and doctors performed a laser procedure with a 90% chance of just one twin surviving. >> the option was either we would probably have to have surgery or lose both of the babies. >> the laser procedure evened out the blood supply and although the risk of at least one twin dying was high, both of her twins made it. >> wow. when you're watching your
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restaurant is a treat but new research might change your mind. a study found more than 90% of meals from large chain and local restaurants exceed the recommended allegedly punched degrees for a single meal. -- recommended calories for a single meal. well happening today, a not so healthy menu. whoa, looks good to me. voting is now open for the florida state fair's second annual people's choice burger award. yum. you can choose one of these four burgers, number one, the french toast burger, interesting, the ice cream burger, not sure what that's about, or the red neck burger and the bacon bomb explosion burger which might cause a bomb explosion in your stomach. the florida state fair runs february 4th to the 15th at the state fairgrounds in tampa. and you have until january 27th to vote so head over to >> i already voted for the red
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the northeast is preparing for what could be a monster winter storm. look at this. the national weather service is forecasting a foot or more of snow in major cities. in syracuse, new york, students are staying home this morning after a third day of lake- effect snow and whiteout conditions. more snow is expected this miles per hour. per hour. so when you step outside, don't complain when you see that. >> yeah, but we're wimps. that's why we live here. so freeze warnings for citrus, hernando and inland pasco counties until 9:00 this morning. you may have to scrape ice off the windshield. south of i-4, not only above freezing, most of you will stay in the 40s. but needless to say, it's cold. 39 degrees at 8:00 this morning. here's good news for us, it warms up quickly. 54 at noon. 64 degrees, feeling great in
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and right now below freezing in zephyrhills, brooksville, inverness, crystal river. you are in the 30s in portions of polk county like 37 in lakeland. and notice farther to the south, we're in the low 40s. that's still cold but above freezing. and betty in plant city is at 37 degrees. the only reason the southern area is not as cold is because of a thin layer of clouds but just about the coldest morning we have seen yet. and it will be slightly warmer today with that sunshine. cool overnight but not as cold. and actually very pleasant tomorrow, up to 71. and heads up, big time cold front and storms friday. leslee, let's check on traffic on the 8s. traffic looks good right now. some of the issues from earlier have already cleared from the roadway. including the debris around hillsborough avenue. and the accident we had on hillsborough at sheldon the, that cleared. and sarasota, i just want to let you know about railroad repair work. the tracks are broken here so
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the eastbound lane of 17th street at east avenue is actually tied up. so keep that in mind if you're passing through the sarasota area. and meanwhile, a great drive at the beaches and no delays on u.s. 41. tamiami trail up to speed. that's weather and traffic on the 8s. now back to gene and gayle. >> thank you very much. one family, two kids, both named after quarterback stars and now there's a big family dilemma. >> ahead, we will look at their plans for sunday's afc it's 5:50.
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there's a lot of buzz about the special guest at the detroit and north american international auto show. president barack obama stopped by the show to promote the american auto industry. and he wanted to see the progress of detroit and the neighborhoods. ever since the auto bailout, 640,000 jobs have been created. break out the subs, it's prep time for everyone waiting for sunday's afc championship game. >> but one family is going to be divided. their sons share the names of
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>> oh, yeah, well the patriots -- >> yeah, nice come back. >> just like a big brother. the family are all bronco fans except for their first son brady. he is named after the pat's qb and that's also his favorite nfl team. when he was born, his parents had trouble deciding on a name so they let fate help them choose in 2050. >> whoever wins the super bowl will -- in 2005. >> whoever wins the super bowl , we will name him that. >> that's a way. they followed the same line of thought in 2007 when peyton manning led the colts to the super bowl victory. brady says if the broncos win on sunday, he will root for them in the super bowl. >> that's one football family right there. weather and traffic on the 8s is three minutes away. plus new in the next half hour, the reason a famous latina actress is under subpoena linked to drug lord el chapo. and can adding fat to water help you lose weight? it's a new trend.
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will have the results coming
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it is 5:58 on this cold wednesday morning. tampa international, it's 42 degrees. it's cold now, in fact the coldest morning so far of the season but we warm up nicely. we hit 66 in lakeland later today. 64 in tampa. 64 in wesley chapel. and a cool night tonight but not as cold. 44 in plant city for tonight. we on drop into the upper 30s in places like crystal river. i will run those temperatures down coming up. looking at traffic at this point, i-4 is a great drive. seeing more vehicles on the roadway. this is park road through plant city. but in palling county into
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ybor, looks very good and you're not slowed down at all. and this is i-75 at fowler avenue. we've got a good drive. and across the howard franklin bridge, only six minutes to cross and it about seven across
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